WestJet Showers Fliers With Holiday Gifts


By Neal Broverman

The Canadian airline played Santa for passengers on two flights.

It's pretty surprising what Canadian airline WestJet did for two plane-loads of passengers recently, especially considering how frugal airlines are.

Two groups of passengers at Toronto's airport bound for Calgary were greeted with a video image of Santa asking them what they wanted for Christmas. The usual toys and electronics were requested — WestJet employees, listening in, took notes and ran out to local Calgary stores to buy all the stuff while the planes crossed Canada. The passengers were greeted with the gifts when they waited at the luggage carousel at the Calgary airport.

It's certainly sweet, though we might have been more touched if WestJet offered up some gifts or money to fliers' favorite charities or causes. The conspicuous materialism struck us as a little odd. Thoughts?

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