Which Airline Has the Rudest Flight Attendants?


By Neal Broverman

This will not be a surprise for too many.

No, it wasn't Virgin or American, but discount airline Spirit that had the unfortunate distinction of being named the carrier with the rudest flight attendants, according to a survey from Airfarewatchdog and reported on the Los Angeles Times.

The survey queried 3,400 people and 26 percent named Spirit the rudest airline when it came to flight attendants. Surprisingly, Air Canada came in second (Canucks are so nice!) with 14 percent, followed by Frontier with 11 percent.

Spirit is a Florida-based airline with a business model that trades comfort and conveniences for cheap rates (comparatively), with fees for carry-on luggage and, even, water.

Responding to the survey, a flight attendants union representative said bad customer service is usually a reflection of how those employees are treated by their employer.

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