Pilot Buys Pizza for Entire Stranded Plane


By Neal Broverman

After a Frontier Airlines flight was stuck on a Wyoming tarmac, a thoughtful pilot bought 50 pizzas for his hungry passengers.

Sitting on the tarmac is the worst, but a very cool pilot made things better by ordering pizzas for everyone on the plane.

A D.C. to Denver flight was diverted to Wyoming because of bad weather and then sat on the runway for an hour. To assuage his grumbling passengers, pilot Gerhard Bradner ordered about 50 pizzas for everyone — with his own money.

"If the need arises you need to take care of your family; you need to take care of your passengers," Bradner told The Guardian. "They are my responsibility the moment they step on the aircraft until they get off the aircraft."

The pilot's act of altruism certainly goes against the frugal and brusque stereotype of Frontier.

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