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June July 2016
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“Beyoncé has influenced many young girls and women with powerful, positive messages in her songs," the official proclamation reads. 

1:42 PM

The first same-sex marriage has taken place since the groundbreaking ruling last month. 

12:00 PM

Complete with bagels, booze, and plenty of walking. 

11:59 AM

A mural has been created that shows Donald Trump tongue wrestling with London's former mayor Boris Johnson.

11:57 AM

The cool people at ACE Hotel have teamed up with this true American icon to create the Haspel x Ace Suit.

2:05 AM

The book reading and discussion will take place on May 25 at 7 PM in New York City. 

May 24 2016 10:41 AM

The summer games will have triple the amount of condoms supplied in London during 2012.

May 24 2016 10:40 AM