Jordan: A Great Gay Destination


By William Forster

Find fun, beauty, and some hunky gay men in Jordan.

Meeting MenAmman lacks a traditional gay party scene, but it is easy to meet gay men. You can find them on any number of gay sites, including Books@cafe, a delightfully stylish café that could just as well be in West Hollywood, is full of beautiful, muscular Jordanian men puffing away on their nargiles (water pipes). The city's streets are filled with shopping opportunities: handicrafts and some of the best values in gold jewelry in the world.

The key to meeting gay Jordanian men is just to be open and friendly. A man who looks at you and smiles and compliments your looks and body may actually be straight, so it can be easy to get confused. All Jordanian men are quite open about appreciating male beauty. If he is gay and interested, I have found that most Jordanian gay men are quite direct, especially if you make them feel comfortable. Many of them directly seek out interactions with foreigners, partially out of genuine curiosity and interest -- be prepared for a barrage of random personal questions about your life back home -- and also because many gay Jordanian men feel safer propositioning foreigners.