Atlanta's Legendary Drag Children Get Exhibited


By David Artavia

A new exhibit captures Atlanta's singular drag scene, with queens posing in streets, subway stations, and suburbia.

The South's most inventive, hilarious queens are showcased in a new exhibit entitled Legendary Children, running from September 1 - October 1 at Atlanta's Gallery 1526.

The exhibit features photographs from five different photographers, each with their own unique view of drag art. Atlanta's drag scene has long been ahead-of-the-curve, filled with larger than life personalities (some of whom have appeared on The Real Housewives of Atlanta). The photos of "Legendary Children" place the city's drag stars in candid situations at the club, the bar, grocery shopping, and the zoo.

Comical and poignant, the photographs are just as fabulous as their subjects. If you're in the Atlanta area, do not miss this, especially the closing reception on September 28, featuring live drag performances.

See more pictures, from photographers Blane Bussey, Jon Dean, Blake England, Kevin O, and Matthew Terrell, on the next pages >>>

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