10 Hikes And Sights Outside Las Vegas


By Andrew Belonsky

Ten outdoor adventures for those hoping to get away from the glitz, glam and games.

The Iconic Mojave DesertDeserts, the saying goes, have secrets, and none are more tight lipped than California's nearbyMojave Desert, located 2 hours outside of town, right in the middle of the drive to Los Angeles.

Naturally as iconic as the Hoover Dam, though far more impressive in its expansiveness and cultural impact, the blazing red Mojave is more than just an overheated desert stretch.

Mitchell Caverns let you get deep inside these ancient rock formations, while Hole-in-the-Wall Canyon (pictured) lets you take a wider view of the majesty. The ghost town of Kelso stands as a reminder of the bygone railroad days, and the similarly named dunes show what a little wind and millions of years can do to a landscape's face.

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