PHOTOS: All the Dresses Celine Wears in Her Vegas Show


By Neal Broverman

Celine Dion's revamped show at Caesars Palace is a delight and her numerous gowns are no small part of that.

Celine Dion's New Day show at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas was a pop delight, filled with covers of Cyndi Lauper and strange/hilarious rapping by the lovable French-Canadian chanteuse. But who knew that, after a respite in the late 2000s, her recent return to Caesar's would be even better?

With covers of Adele, a "duet" with Stevie Wonder, and a pretty-genius closing rendition of "My Heart Will Go On," the show is virtually impossible to dislike, even for hipster naysayers. Part of the enjoyment of the show is seeing slender Celine look knock-out gorgeous in all her gowns, designed by her stylist, Annie Horth (five dresses are a lot to put on in 90 minutes). If you haven't seen Celine's show yet, you have much of August before a fall hiatus. The following Celine fashion slideshow on the following pages should get you in the mood. (Images by Gerard Schachmes)