Would-Be Go-Go Dancer Arrested for Shooting Outside Vegas Gay Club


By Neal Broverman

The popular Share nightclub got a little too rowdy the other night.

The Share nightclub in Las Vegas, located in a stand-alone building off-the-Strip, is a reliably-good time, but things got out of hand Saturday night.

Maxwell Mullen, 24, was arrested for attempted murder and assault with a deadly weapon after allegedly firing shots at a Share bouncer. Mullen was auditioning to be a go-go dancer at Share, but reports say he was intoxicated, forcing security director Amir Coralic to escort him out of the club.

Coralic told Vegas police that Mullen then raced around the club's parking lot threatening to shoot people -- and he allegedly did just that, firing several shots at Coralic -- missing him -- with a .40-caliber handgun before being tackled by the club's security team. Mullen was arrested and hit with a $200,000 bond, with a court date set for Wednesday. Read more here.

is located on Wynn Road, west of the Strip. The club is popular with locals and visitors and hosts parties like Stripper Circus and Thirst Day.