Miami's Aqua Girl: Partying in a Bikini for Charity


By Neal Broverman

Yes, Aqua Girl is about sun, sand, and beautiful women. But it's also about raising money for deserving South Florida LBT organizations.

Miami Beach's Aqua Girl party is currently in full swing — it began on Wednesday and concludes Sunday — with 14 fabulous events for lesbians, bi women, trans men and women, and their straight and gay friends. Started in 1999, the event began as one-night only fundraiser for breast cancer. Fourteen years later, the event encompasses half-a-week of dance parties, live music, pool parties, meet-and-greets, and much more. Billing itself as the "largest charity women’s week in the country," Aqua Girl donates all of its profits to the Aqua Foundation for Women, a nonprofit foundation whose mission is to serve as the funding catalyst for "lesbian, bisexual, and transgender wellness and equality in South Florida through grants, scholarships, and initiatives."

Find out more about Aqua Girl here.