7 Reader Picks For Palm Springs Visitors


By Andrew Belonsky

Readers help us plan our next visit to the Coachella Valley.

We've seen Palm Springs's high points, like the peaks of the San Jacinto Mountains, and its low, such as Coachella Valley's dive bars, but we haven't seen it all. Luckily, we have fellow travelers to help us plan our next trip.

Reader Robert said that in addition to viewing Ed Ruscha and Henry Moore at the Palm Springs Art Museum, we should check out the Agua Caliente Cultural Museum, which celebrates the native Cahuilla Indians's heritage while confronting stereotypes of today. Their latest exhibition is called "Where Are The Tipis?," a show that aims to set some modern misconceptions straight. They also have an online exhibition hall for those who don't make it to Palm Springs on the regular.

If gambling is your thing, take in a show and play some poker at the nearby Agua Caliente Resort, Casino and Spa. And in terms of retail, Scottie suggested you bring some Palm Springs home by picking up household wares at Boulevard Vintage and Contemporary Home Furnishings, while Facebook friend Michael pointed visitors toward Palm Springs Piercing Company, should you ever want another hole in our body or need new jewelry for ones you already have.

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