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The Hairy Backstory of Ptown's Bear Week

The Hairy Backstory of Ptown's Bear Week

It's Bear Week at the Fusion network, but they're not talking about actual grizzlies. The Millenial-skewing channel is taking a look at gay bears, that subset of LGBT culture where bodyhair and a certain fleshiness are fetishized.

Provincetown's annual Bear Week, a festival of brotherhood and partying, is a major boon to the tourist town of Provincetown, Mass., with bears dropping hundreds of thousands on hotel rooms, booze, and food. Fusion takes a look at how the once-sleepy fishy village became a haven for society's outsiders — initially artists and later gays and, specifically, bears. Click here to read about Bear Week's effect on Provincetown and watch Fusion's take on prepping for Bear Week below.

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