Tokyo Disneyland Now More Popular Than Original Disneyland


By Neal Broverman

The second-most-popular theme park in the world is now Tokyo Disneyland.

While the original Magic Kingdom in Anaheim, Calif. is still very popular, maybe too popular, it is seeing nowhere near the growth rate of Tokyo Disneyland, which just overcame it to become the world's second-most-popular theme park.

The most-popular theme park on Earth still belongs to Disney's Magic Kingdom in Orlando, which hosted 18.6 million visitors last year, a 6 percent uptick, according to an independent consulting firm. But Tokyo Disneyland is catching up quick, with 17.2 million visitors last year, a staggering increase of nearly 16 percent from 2013. Those numbers put it ahead of the original Disneyland in Anaheim, which hosted 16.2 million visitors and saw a paltry increase of 1.5 percent.

Tokyo Disneyland, which opened 31 years ago, is nearly an exact replica of Magic Kingdom and Disneyland, yet it's not owned by Disney. A Japanese company has ownership and licenses the Disney brand from the California media behemoth. Read more here.

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