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June July 2016
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Steele Luxury Travel: Life Ball 2009

Steele Luxury Travel has been busy this past year -- it seems as if they're offering a new trip we want to go on every time we check their website. Impressive as their trips are, though, we were still surprised they had landed the gig as the exclusive North American operator for Vienna's 17th Annual Life Ball (May 2009)!

Life Ball, after all, is one of the most spectacular events in the gay year, rolling a massive HIV/AIDS charity drive together with a ball extravagant enough for Marie Antoinette (drag look-a-likes are not uncommonly sighted). Surprising, then, not because it's Steele (a small company offering the highest quality trips), but because a event the size and prestige of Life Ball would go exclusive!

The moral of the story is that the costumes at Life Ball get more fabulous each year and tickets get harder and harder to come by, so letting Steele take care of the planning could be a good move here. At $1,999 Euro a person, guests can count not only on an elusive ticket to Life Ball, but also on being well-taken care of through out the stay in Vienna. The trips to and from Vienna -- aboard an luxe Austrian Air jetliner reconfigured to provide extra room per passenger -- aren't shabby either!

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