William's Gay Guide to Pittsburgh


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Originally published on Gay.com/travel

Name: William
Age: 45
Profession: Admin. Asst.
City: Pittsburgh, PA
Relationship Status: Single
Sexuality: Homo

What was the last vacation you took? Where did you go and where do you most want to go?
The last vacation I took was three years ago to North Carolina, but I wanted to go to New York City. I still want to go to NYC.


Are any famous people from Pittsburgh?
Gene Kelly, Jeff Goldblum, Shirley Jones, Perry Como, and the Stillers.

What are some of the things you love most about Pittsburgh?
Decent infrastructure, great old architecture, affordability.

If someone came to your town for just four hours, what is the one thing he should do?
Take a cab into downtown, going through the Ft. Pitt tunnel, have a sandwich at Primantis to see what crap Pittsburgh passes off as food, take the incline up to Mt. Washington to a) ride the incline and b) see the view; then cab back to the airport.

What are some great restaurants for a night out with gay friends?
Spice Island Tea House in Oakland (near the Pitt campus). Fantastic Asian dishes from a variety of Asian Islands, at unbelievably reasonable prices, and high quality in a comfy atmosphere. Chicken Latina in the Strip District for the best authentic Peruvian rotisserie chicken in the area. Ritters or Delucas diners for breakfast.

What are some great restaurants for a romantic gay date? What about these restaurants appeals to you?
Spice Island Tea House. Its the only restaurant in all of Pittsburgh that really impresses me as something unlike typical Pittsburgh.

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