Birmingham SHOUT: The Little Gay Film Festival That Could


By Andrea Krauss and Scott Ragan

Celebrating nine years, Birmingham SHOUT offers a great collection of relevant and entertaining films for 2014.

There's something to be said about an LGBT film festival that endures the test of time in the heart of the deep South. Although we've made great strides nationally in the past few years with acceptance and awareness, it still can be quite a challenge to work, live, and thrive openly in the southern states. Of course, it's always getting better, and Birmingham SHOUT is one of the annual events in the region that contributes to that change; it's the little gay film festival that keeps on going.

Now in its ninth successful year, Birmingham SHOUT is closely affiliated with the Birmingham Sidewalk film festival, co-founded by original MTV VJ, Alan Hunter. This year's event happens August 23-24 in different theaters throughout the city. Below, check out highlights of some of the films featured at Birmingham SHOUT for 2014, including To Be Takei, a humorous and moving film about the legendary Star Trek actor, activist, and pop culture icon, George Takei.

Aug. 23 at 11:15am
Aug. 23 at 1:25pm
Aug. 23 at 6:40pm
Aug. 23 at 7:00pm
Aug. 23 at 8:50pm
Aug. 24 at 1:00pm
Aug. 24 at 8:00pm

Click here for the full schedule.

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