Hawaii's Gay Surf Scene


By Christopher Rudolph

Where to catch the perfect waves -- and scope the brahs -- in Waikiki and beyond.


Surfing is like a fraternity on the beach, a tight-knit brotherhood of the boards. People are more apt to recognize each other by their tan lines than their faces, and by the way they shred a wave than what car they drive. Not a surprise then, that as in the case of most athletics, our collective fantasy of out ripped riders can feel like just that: Being gay in an already chauvinistic sport is trying.

"I found it impossible to meet other gay surfers anywhere else," says Thomas C. on why he founded GaySurfers.net, an online social networking site, in February of 2010. Since then the site has topped 2,700 members in 76 countries from South Africa to San Diego. And according to Thomas, if the tide is turning anywhere first, it?s Honolulu.

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