Gayborhood Watch: South Beach


By Ivan Quintanilla

Is that a chill we detect in the air? No, but it’s good to be prepared. We fly south for summer to check out what’s new in Miami Beach.

 Miami Beach has been an icon in our gay lives for decades. We visited Grandma in the '70s, were seduced by the addictive glamour of Vice in the 80's, partied like it truly was 1999, and embraced Euro chic elegance in the new millennium. Beyond seducing with an average temperature of 76 degrees, the world?s largest concentration of Art Deco architecture, and a culture that is at once American, European and Latino, South Beach is once again reinventing itself. Moving beyond circuit parties and minimalist design, it?s serving up new hotels, attractions, and a fresh tourism slogan encouraging you to "Express Yourself," Miami Beach has something unique to offer this decade, and it goes something like this?

Tags: Pictorial