North America's Top Greenmarkets


By OUTTraveler Contributer

The country's best farmers' markets have one thing in common: a perfect fall afternoon.

 In the waning days of summer, greenmarket splendor turns taciturn. Mottled lima beans beg for a snap, plump pumpkins stand their ground. But beyond the charge a Saturday stroll brings to our inner hunter-gatherer, farmers? markets offer something else we tend to forget in our frenzied existence: experiences grounded in distinct time and place. The foodie mantra of "local, organic, sustainable" might as well mean "connection, community, authenticity" -- buzzwords equally at home on jetsetters' lips. "People like knowing the story behind the things they buy," says Eric Demby, cofounder of Smorgasburg, the popular all-food, all-the-time offshoot of the Brooklyn Flea. "Call it retro, call it old-fashioned, or call it online backlash -- people like connecting to other people in the flesh." Here, our favorite greenmarkets, which we simply call delicious.

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