Maui, Made for Romance


By Rick Andreoli

As legal civil unions bring the Rainbow State one step closer to paradise, we present a go-to guide for spending a week on its most idyllic island.

?People talk about the "magic of Hawaii,? and there really is something instantly calming, excitingly euphoric, and undeniably romantic about the islands. It?s a feeling that transcends ordinary senses, and no island embodies that more than Maui. Sure, you can surf in Oahu, road trip on the Big Island, and be ensconced in nature and living history on Kauai, Maui is made for romance. The moment you step off the plane you?re greeted by soft ocean breezes, the scent of Plumeria coming off the hills, and warm sun that feels like a welcoming embrace.

Between that sensibility and fantastic weather year round, Maui is one of the top destination wedding locations worldwide. Now, with same-sex civil unions finally legalized on the stroke of January 1, Maui?s own incredibly gay-friendly environment -- bolstered by the state?s own polysexual past -- it?s quickly becoming a prime spot for LGBT couples looking to tie the knot or enjoy a great escape. No surprise the entire state made it to No. 18 on our Gayest Destinations in America.

Here?s your ultimate romantic week in civilized paradise. From fantastic pampering at luxury resorts to hiking through breathtaking bamboo forests and discovering magnificent water falls , this will become your trip to remember.

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