Five Gayest Things to do in St. Maarten


By Jimmy Im

Island time with a Caribbean Queen.

 If you consider yourself a Caribbean vet, chances are you've already been to St. Maarten? to get to St Barts. But while that glam-for-all speck of paradise has tons of Speedo-clad French men turning it into a homo hotspot -- as much as any Caribbean island can be called a homo hotspot -- the hilly Dutch/French outpost can get its gay on, too. Don't let the bifurcated island's party-minded, straights-gone-wild reputation fool you, nor the violent gay bashing of six years ago (which seems to have been an isolated incident). With gays repping heavily at some sublime beaches, drag-themed restaurants, and celeb-studded hotels, you'll wonder why you skipped out in the first place.

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