16 Shops To Help You Keep Chic In Paris


By Andrew Belonsky

You can't visit Paris without sampling the city's sartorial splendor.

Raw Denim, Slim LinesNo city on earth does fashion quite like Paris.

In some circles, the words fashion and Paris are completely interchangeable. Those circles descended on Paris' arrondissements this week to celebrate the city's sartorial splendor as French fashion houses from Lanvin to Dior and Hermes to Louis Vuitton put their best face forward for Fashion Week. While we can't all get to Paris for fashion week events, visitors and online voyeurs alike will want to at least sample the city's chic flavor.

Here, 16 of our favorite places to shop in Paris

>A.P.C has become the premier French denim line, growing far beyond the country's borders to worn by celebrities, artists and businessmen the world over. Raw and stiff, they require serious breaking in.

>Acne too is a reliable source for denim, and the design teamMarith? + Fran?ois Girbaud, constantly innovate with dye and cut, offering some interesting choices for the more avante-garde denim fan.


High end shopsDior andHermes celebrate the clean, slim line long associated with the City of Light, though their price tags are quite thick. So too are the prices atLanvin but all are required viewing to gauge where the Parisian scene is headed. You can then take that knowledge to the vintage shopFree P Star, a vintage shop in the center of town,Didier Ludot, a more expensive option with as much attitude as designer duds, or to another longtime favorite,Kiliwatch, the flagship to the Miami outpost. While the front has been overrun by impulse items, hardcore shoppers ready to search should dive straight into the vintage finds toward the back.

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