Hot 5: Lucerne and Lausanne, Switzerland


By Dennis Hensley

Before and after video-blogging from this summer's Europride Festival in Zurich, OutTraveler's Dennis Hensley visited two other Swiss cities: Lucerne and Lausanne.


Ever wonder why the Swiss are so good at making watches? I found out when I visited the Junod Watch Shop and Museum in the heart of Lausanne, just a short walk from my hotel, the uber-luxe Lausanne Palace & Spa overlooking Lake Geneva. The museum, which is housed on the second floor over the shop that's been here since 1889, was the brainchild of Lionel and Nicolas Goei-Junod, whose family has been in the watch business for generations. It's Nicolas who showed me around the museum and Nicolas is, um, what's the word? Dreamy. He also has an intense passion for and knowledge of watches?and a longtime boyfriend. Oh, well.

When I interviewed him on video, Nicolas offered a special discount to readers of this site and answered my question, 'Why are the Swiss so good at making watches?' See the interview:

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