Gay Troops May Be Allowed to Travel to States With Marriage Rights


By Neal Broverman

The Pentagon and the Justice Department may allow gay and lesbian troops to travel to states that recognize marriage equality.

When the U.S. Supreme Court recently overturned most of the antigay Defense of Marriage Act, it wasn't completely clear how far-reaching the justices' decision would be. Apparently, the high court may have opened the door to allowing gay servicemembers to leave their bases and visit states where they can marry their partners.

The Justice Department is considering the change as part of the blow against DOMA; if it gives the greenlight to the Pentagon, we may soon start seeing a lot of fatigues in places like California and New York. Same-sex military spouses should soon get housing and health care benefits by the end of the month, thanks to the Supreme Court. The Pentagon is already allowing partners of gay servicemembers minor perks, like shopping in subsidized military base stores.

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