Sia Wants You to Help the Street Animals of India


By Neal Broverman

You may not want to visit India soon, but maybe you can help the nation's beleaguered animals.

We're not really feeling love for India, lately, with the nation's high court reinstated a ban on sodomy. But we don't want to turn our backs completely on the nation, especially after seeing this video from bisexual Aussie artist Sia.

The animal-loving singer ("Breathe Me") and songwriter (Rihanna's "Diamonds") asks you to forgo "footspas for Grandma" and give money to Animal Aid Unlimited, which rescues injured street animals from India's streets. Many dogs and cows are missing limbs in the footage that follows Sia's plea (check out the video below). The singer suggests making a holiday donation to the organization in a friend or family member's name; the recipient will get a video of the animal that was saved in their name.

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