Love in Copenhagen: Michael & Mark Get Married


By Daniel Reynolds

The winners of a trip to Copenhagen embark on the most exciting phase of their adventure yet: marriage.

In the final installment of the “Validate Your Love in Copenhagen” series, contest winners Michael and Mark are preparing to wed in the Danish capital after a whirlwind tour.

Thus far, the San Francisco natives have caught sights of the city’s major landmarks, attended EuroVision, and met one of the first gay couples to obtain a civil union in Denmark, something that was made available 25 years ago.

Friends and family meet them after this adventure to witness the partners exhcange vows on a romantic cruise through Copenhagen’s canals. Afterward, the newlyweds take one last roll through the city streets aboard a garlanded pedicab, before sitting down for a celebratory meal and toast.

Watch the tearjerker finale below.