VIDEO: Jay and Mavis Leno, Robin Tyler Protest Bev Hills Hotel


By Neal Broverman

Watch the impassioned opposition to the Sultan of Brunei, the antigay leader who owns the Beverly Hills Hotel and several other luxury properties.

Protestors surrounded the famed Beverly Hills Hotel on Monday, denouncing the owner — Hassanal Bolkiah, the Sultan of Brunei — who recently imposed Sharia law in his Muslim nation. Everyone from Jay Leno to his wife, feminist activist Mavis Leno, to actress Frances Fisher, to longtime LGBT rights advocate Robin Tyler slammed the sultan for enacting laws that would allow the stoning and flogging of gays and women. Most speakers, along with the Beverly Hills City Council, want Bolkiah to divest himself of the Beverly Hills Hotel and the nearby Hotel Bel-Air. But an executive with the Bolkiah's Dorchester Collection, the umbrella organization that runs the sultan's hotel properties, says the protests are only hurting hotel employees (though reports indicate those employees were passing out food and water to the protestors). Watch video of the protest below, courtesy of ABC7.