Owner of Palm Springs Gay-Popular Theater Loves Bachmann, Alan West


By Neal Broverman

Controversy erupts in Palm Springs when an art house owner's donations are exposed.

The Camelot theater hosts Cinema Diverse, the Palm Springs Gay and Lesbian Film Festival, but according to a report in The Desert Sun, its owner has given money to noted homophobes like Michele Bachmann and Alan West.

Rozene Supple owns the art house movie theater known as The Camelot, which is very popular with LGBT patrons. The Sun's Roger Tansey reports that Supple has donated money to antigay Minnesota congresswoman Bachman, as well as homophobic former Florida congressman Alan West. Supple also covertly donated to the Prop. 8 effort in California. The theater owner also has a beef with the Clintons and gave thousands to those who ran against Hillary Clinton when she was in the Senate, as well as James Rogan, the Clinton prosecutor in the House during the impeachment ordeal.

Supple also financially supports House Speaker John Boehner, who himself supported the antigay Defense of Marriage Act, as well as the hyper-conservative Koch brothers.