San Fran's Jeffrey Gerson Uses Instagram to Re-Discover the City


By Jeffrey Gerson

When San Francisco became too familiar to Jeffrey Gerson, he made an adventure out of exploring everything the city still had to offer.

For my four years in college, I lived just 35 miles south of San Francisco. Still I hardly ever made it into the city because, on the rare occasion we had a free weekend, it was difficult to convince anyone to join me on the walk to the off-campus train station or, if someone had a car, to justify gas on our student budgets.

But upon graduation last spring, I happily moved to San Francisco—into a beautiful subdivided Victorian with two roommates—and immediately made the city my new home. I found my routines and I loved them. Instead of the "out-of-reach" city I'd known, San Francisco became functional: it had its restaurants, farmers' markets, stores, and coffee shops (oh god, such good coffee shops). But in becoming my home, the city also lost some of its allure, and I lost some of my wide-eyed anticipation of a new adventure every time I stepped onto one of its streets. So I resolved to bring some of that excitement back into my life by exploring everything the city had to offer… even though I had no idea where to start.


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