Praise the Lord: Solutions to Lost Luggage


By Neal Broverman

Technology is helping eradicate the days when airlines routinely lost your luggage.

A nifty new device will help make sure you always know where your luggage is and don't have to wait breathlessly for a phone call from customer service.

An L.A.-based company called GlobaTrac is selling its Trackdot device for $50; you toss it in your luggage and follow it via internet or smartphone app. With airlines losing or damaging 140,000 bags a month, it could be a good investment for frequent travelers.

Another new option, reports the Los Angeles Times, is luggage that comes with a built-in tracking device. European aersopace company Airbus is producing the technology right now and the suitcase will also come with a scale attached, so you know if you're exceeding weight limits before you even pull up to the terminal.

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