Kansas City Museum Offers LGBT Tour, "Here and Queer"


By Neal Broverman

You may have expected the Guggenheim or the Getty to offer an LGBT-specific tour, but Kansas City's Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art is turning heads in Missouri by doing just that.

The Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art in Kansas City, Mo. is offering a self-guided tour focused on LGBT-specific works.

"Here and Queer" showcases the museum's LGBT pieces through a free brochure that points out six separate works. The first piece, “Guanyin of the Southern Sea," is in the Chinese gallery; it presents an androgynous figure from the artist Guanyin. There's also a bust of the bisexual Roman Emperor Hadrian, Francois Boucher’s lesbian-influenced “Jupiter in the Guise of Diana and the Nymph Callisto," and more modern pieces, including one that reflects the artist's exploration of HIV and AIDS and a work by Andy Warhol.

"Here and Queer" is just one of many new specific tours at the Nelson-Atkins. Rose May, the museum’s head of interpretation, says the tours are an effort to “connect with more diverse audiences." The museum is located at 4525 Oak St., and is open Wednesday through Sunday. Admission is free.