Help for Getting Your Smoke On When You Travel


By OUTTraveler Editors

Does the world need a website that makes it easier to smoke in hotel rooms?

Can't go five minutes without a cigarette (or joint)? Do we have the website for you:, a portal that allows easy booking to over 100,000 hotels that still allow smoking in their rooms.

"The site was designed to save travelers hours of surfing the Internet in their search for a smoker-friendly hotel," according to as statement from the site. "It is becoming increasingly harder to find hotels that offer smoking rooms, and the majority of other online travel reservation sites make it difficult for users to even identify if a hotel offers smoking rooms."

The California-based website claims to have access to over 250,000 hotel rooms where you can light up, from low-cost motels to luxury-room rentals. We really want to make a bad smoking pun, but we'll stifle the urge. Click here to get your smoke on.

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