The 13 Gayest Items in the SkyMall Catalog


By Neal Broverman

We've all strummed through a worn, greasy copy of the SkyMall catalog and marveled at its oddities. But have you noticed how gay it is?

Sure, it's better than having a kitty litter box in the living room, but do you really want people gagging everytime they use your washroom? Maybe if you throw in a plug-in, this could make a useful gift for a cat-loving queer in a Manhattan studio apartment.

We'll close out this list with clothes so binding they would make a geisha flinch. But if your ass is simply too flat for High Tea or your torso too lumpy for White Party, here are the items that will attempt to deal with your insecurities. Did you catch the name of the underwear? Wow. Too easy.

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