PHOTOS: Big Gay 5K at Colorado Springs PrideFest

PHOTOS: Big Gay 5K at Colorado Springs PrideFest

At the end of July, Colorado Springs capped off its record-breaking PrideFest weekend with the Big Gay 5K, in which more than 150 members of the LGBT community and allies ran side by side to raise funds for the Pikes Peak Gay and Lesbian Community Center.

This is the first year Colorado Springs incorporated the Big Gay 5K into its Pride festivities, which drew thousands to celebrate its 23rd anniversary.

Clint Knox, the organizer of the event, praised how the run promoted both fitness and diversity in Colorado’s second largest city.

“We were very excited to see such a great response to the Big Gay 5K,” Knox said. “Not only did it create another fun athletic event but it also brought a lot of people to PrideFest for the first time.”

Take a look at some photos from the Big Gay 5K, which features colorful ensembles from many of its proud participants.


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