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PHOTOS: 2015 Sydney Mardi Gras

PHOTOS: 2015 Sydney Mardi Gras

Pictured above: Matthew Mitcham and Ji Wallace.

Big names in Australian sport were cheered by the crowds as they helped shine a spotlight on homophobia at Saturday’s Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras. Over a dozen elite, professional athletes led this weekend’s parade, including Aussie Rules, Rugby, Cricket, Soccer and Olympic LGBTI athletes. 

The Mardi Gras parade is one of the largest gay events in the world. Nearly 10,000 people took part in the parade watched by 100’s of thousands of people in person and many more through a national TV broadcast.

The first three floats of the parade were dedicated to highlighting: the success of elite gay athletes; the commitment by  the major Australian professional sports  to promote a more diverse and inclusive sporting environment; and the international success of the Sydney Convicts, who last year won the Bingham Cup, the world cup of gay rugby.

Matthew Mitcham (far right) with three of Australia's well known Aussie Rules football players Sydney Swans' Mike Pyke, Nick Smith, and Heath Grundy.

The lead float in the parade.

Getting in the swim of the parade.

Careful, that glitter gets in everything.

Ladies gone wild.

Elyse Villani and Alex-Blackwell.

The very arresting Sydney Convicts rugby players.

Go-go warm-ups.

Keeping an arm's-length apart for safety.


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