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LGBTQ+ People Want More Out of Travel

A new report shows how our journeys can be more transformational — for us and the planet.

How Spain Aims to Attract LGBTQ+ Travelers

Will improving the lives of queer citizens draw LGBTQ+ tourists?

10 Questions With Damon Dominique

The LGBTQ+ YouTube star on dating his way around the world, his Call Me By Your Name experience and his new book.

Two of Europe's Hottest Gay Travel Influencers Are Coming to America

They'll be featured on Germany's Goodbye Deutschland TV series as they move to Palm Springs.

Hallmark Hunk Jonathan Bennett and Hubby Jaymes Vaughan on Love & Travel

The Out Traveler cover stars share about their relationship and founding the LGBTQ+ cruise company OUTbound.

Champion Adaptive Surfer on Power of Resilience

The disabled champion surfer Meira Va'a Nelson's inspiring journey.

Find RV & Vanlife Camp Sites With App Co-Founded By Queer Woman

LGBTQ-inclusive app Sēkr includes more than 50,000 campgrounds and overnight options.

How to Find LGBTQ+ People Everywhere

As more states propose "don't say gay' bills, Charlie Sprinkman found a way for LGBTQ+ people to find queer companies and places  everywhere they go. 

Cruising to Equality? The Cruise Industry & LGBTQ+ Rights

Gay cruises helped establish the LGBTQ+ tourism market — and gain civil rights. Has the ship now sailed?

Gay Anthropologist Dr. K David Harrison Preserves Endangered Languages

Dr. K. David Harrison is working to bring greater awareness to LGBTQ+ explorers while also seeking to preserve endangered languages in isolated areas.

What Australia's Government Must Do Now to Save the Great Barrier Reef

After four coral bleaching events in seven years, these scientists warn that the time to act is now.

Queer Climate Researcher on Visiting Threatened Places

Can we visit disappearing destinations without contributing to their decline?

Tips For Hassle-Free (ish) Travel For Transgender and Nonbinary Folks

Experts share ideas for smoothing the way for those who aren't binary or cisgendered.

Michelle Collins Is Revolutionizing Travel Shopping

Her LGBTQ-embracing events bring select artisans, retailers, and wellness experts together to provide unique opportunities for travelers to interact with and purchase brands. 

This Scholar Gives Voice to Queer Travelers of Color

Churnjeet Mahn, a noted expert on the intersectionality of race, sexuality, and travel discusses navigating whiteness and fighting colonialism.

Yes, NY Times, A Gay Cruise Company CAN Keep Guests Safe Amid a Pandemic

VACAYA cofounders Patrick Gunn and Randle Roper respond to The New York Times, having just successfully completed their  7-night LGBT+ Caribbean cruise voyage on Celebrity Millennium.

(Re)Greening the Outback Takes Indigenous Australian Leadership

Australia can tackle climate change while restoring nature, culture, and communities. Here's how.

The LGBTQ+ Travel Trends Experts Say Will Dominate 2022

National Parks were big in 2021, but before you ask Santa for a hiking boots, you might want to read what's coming in the new year. 

Is This the Future of Queer Travel?

Expert Bani Amor on dismantling coloniality, ending systemic inequalities, and embracing the radical potential of travel.

The Caribbean is More Than Just a Vacationer's Paradise

Why we need to confront exploitative tourism in the Caribbean -- and how to be an ethical traveler.