State Department: Russia is Dangerous for All Americans

State Department: Russia is Dangerous for All Americans

Here's another reason to avoid traveling to Russia: the State Department just issued a travel alert for all Americans, not just LGBTs, visiting the nation.

While the State Department warned LGBT people of the potential for danger during the Winter Olympics in Sochi (because of the recently-passed antigay laws and continuing antigay violence), they've expanded their warning now that Russia invaded the Crimean peninsula in southern Ukraine. Reports indicate Russia is planning on invading mainland Ukraine shortly.

The alert warns travelers of anti-American attitudes and actions in Russia; the U.S., and most Western nations, condemned Russia's actions in Crimea and things will only get worse if Russia invades Ukraine. Washington officials want Americans to steer clear of the Ukrainian border, as Russian troops are already amassing.

Americans should think carefully of their personal safety before visiting Russia and definitely stay away from large crowds and public demonstrations if they do go, according to the alert. Read more here.

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