Out Traveler Award Winner: Where to Go Next/Breakout Destination

Out Traveler Award Winner: Where to Go Next/Breakout Destination

Where to Go Next/Breakout Destination: COPENHAGEN
Runner-up: Istanbul

The bike-friendly, seaside city of Copenhagen is the travel destination of the future, according to readers, who voted it as the Place to Go Next. Denmark's capital beat out Istanbul, Antwerp, Limerick, Montevideo, Dallas, and Philadelphia to take the honor. It seems like the American cities we love lately--Portland, Brooklyn, Long Beach--all seem to be following in Copenhagen's wake; creating bike infrastructure, walkable streets, encouraging sidewalk dining, and top-notch restaurants. All these things bring young people, which add to its vibrancy, something no one can accuse Copenhagen of not having. On top of being the center of New Nordic Cuisine and the home of the bi-annual food festival Copenhagen Cooking, the city is a growing fashion center, hosting a Fashion Week and the Fashion Festival. So what does Copenhagen have on the horizon that makes it a destination for 2014? The WALL, a multi-touch, 12 meter screen all about the wonders of the city, is on display for a year. There is also a cavalcade of productions and concerts coming to the city from Evita to Grease to One Republic to Thirty Seconds to Mars. Oh, and licorice and chocolate festivals! We're sold.

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