Antwerp Antwerp A city chic blend of old and new
Copenhagen Copenhagen COPENHAGEN: Celebrating 25 years of legal same-sex unions
Germany Germany A gay traveler's Euro wonderland
Stockholm Stockholm A trendsetting capital as accessible as ABBA


A city chic blend of old and new

Europe is forever. Especially with destinations that are heavy on the charm and eager to please: Copenhagen, Stockholm, Antwerp, and Germany. Our passport's getting woozy just thinking about it.

Already renowned for their commitment to LGBT equality in politics and policy, these select four are also at the height of the gay tourism game, offering up a choice of urban delights and culture-rich events to entice the traveler well into fall. But don't just take our word for it. We've polled notable gay locals, from a lauded fashion designer to expat chefs, on the hidden picks that make their city so imminently fit for a visit.

So is it the white-hot gastronomic delights in Copenhagen's cradle of modernist cuisine that call your name? The world's gayest museum in East Berlin? Fine fashion and even finer Belgium chocolate (but not too much)? Or the midnight sun, and the nude sunbathers that worship it, in downtown Stockholm? We've got the guides to make sure you do it right. But with these four, there's really no way to go wrong.