Antwerp Antwerp A city chic blend of old and new
Copenhagen Copenhagen COPENHAGEN: Celebrating 25 years of legal same-sex unions
Germany Germany A gay traveler's Euro wonderland
Stockholm Stockholm A trendsetting capital as accessible as ABBA


A city chic blend of old and new

There's no continent on Earth more welcoming to the LGBT traveler than Europe. On top of the accepting embrace, Europe is filled with the things gay travelers love: delicious food, meticulous architecture, stimulating nightlife, and thousands of years of history and culture.

We're highlighting four places that bring out what's best about a European sojourn: Antwerp in Belgium, the Danish capital of Copenhagen, Stockholm in the heart of Scandinavia, and the nation of Germany. All have so much to offer, but each have their own specific delights; Antwerp is an emerging fashion capital, Copenhagen a foodie and bike paradise, Stockholm an international center of design and hipster culture, and Germany, which finds itself glowing in a World Cup win and a capital that's suddenly the epicenter of cool.

All four places are overwhelming in their options for eating, drinking, partying, and experiencing, but we've broken each down so you can see as much as possible even if you're only there for two or three days (or one, God forbid). We know you'll fall in love with Germany and these three breathtaking cities as swiftly as we did.