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Hungary’s National Museum Director Sacked Over Gay Retirement Home Pics

Hungary’s National Museum Director Sacked Over Gay Retirement Home Pics

The World Press Photo Exhibition contained no nudity or explicit content, but detractors said it violated the country’s oppressive anti-LGBTQ+ laws.

Europe Delays New Entry Fees – Here’s What That Means For Travelers

Mirrored after the U.S. program, Europe’s ETIAS visa waiver program won’t be ready until 2025.

These 8 European Destinations are Perfect for Fall Colors and Savings

As the temperatures cool, the savings heat up.

Exploring Bern: Your Gay Guide to Switzerland’s Enchanting Capital

Delve into the finest accommodations, must-visit locales, and culinary delights.

Visit This Turkish Village Forgotten by Time

Walk down historic cobblestone alleys, enjoy dinners on the water, and explore an eco-friendly farm.

ETIAS Tax Guide 101: Everything You Need to Know About ETIAS and Europe’s City Taxes

Beginning in 2024, it won’t be free to travel to Europe. Here’s what you need to know.

Worldwide Rainbow Revelry: Your Guide to Upcoming Global Pride Festivities

Grab Your Passport and Discover a World of Love through These Upcoming International Pride Celebrations

Money-Saving Tips For Crazy, Crowded European Summer

It’s often just a matter of knowing where and when to look for deals.

Is The US Missing the High Speed Train Revolution?

High speed trains are racing around the world but unique challenges may derail dreams in the U.S.

Why Now Might Be the Right Time to Vacation in Ukraine… Really

Despite the ongoing war, tourists are flocking to the eastern European country. Here's why you might want to join them.

Europe's Efforts to Ditch Planes for Trains Can't Get Off the Ground

Even airlines seem to be behind plans to replace flights with more sustainable train travel. So why can't it take off?

An LGBTQ+ Tour of Venice, Italy

Follow a gay guide through the Floating City's narrow alleyways to discover queer history.

This European Pride Tour Changed My Life

Contiki's LGBTQ+ summer excursion is a great option for solo travelers.

What to Do in Milan, Italy

The magical destination of Milan is a LGBTQ-friendly Italian marvel.

Europe's 10 Most Romantic Capitals Ranked

These European cities were picked as the top spots for romance.

Your Dream European Vacation Is Sold Out — Where to Go Instead

Many European destinations are already booked. Here's how to salvage your plans.

10 Epic Yet Underrated Scenic Trains in Europe

These incredible railway journeys will make you want to try a train on your next vacation.

​Beyoncé Announces Renaissance World Tour

Queen B will promote her Grammy Award-nominated album on a tour launching in Europe.

Croatia’s Secret Coves, Nude Beaches, and Little Venices

This Adriatic nation has a wealth of hidden – and sometimes naked – treasures.

This Family Slept in an Igloo Hotel So You Won’t Have To

At this hotel, the thermostat is always set to freezing.