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Celebrate Cinco de Mayo with These Cool Tequila Partida Cocktails

You won't want to miss these cocktail recipes from Tequila Partida

Where to Wet Your Whistle in Waikiki

Visiting Hawaii's gayest beach? Here's what to eat and where to drink in Honolulu.

Liquid Meth Hidden in 11,520 Tequila Bottles Set For Export

Mexican authorities seized nearly 10 Tons of tequila intended for export.

Tantalize Your Tongue at These Fort Lauderdale Eateries

Where to eat in Greater Ft. Lauderdale? These restaurants showcase the diversity of the region's cuisine.

The 10 Best Vegan Restaurants in London

An insider guide from a queer vegan who has eaten his way through The Big Smoke.

One of the Best Chinese Restaurants in the World Is in Japan

Tokyo is home to this three-Michelin-starred restaurant.

Eat Me I'm Irish: 26 Foods For Flavorful Tour of Ireland

There's a lot more to Irish cuisine than stout and spuds.

American Whiskey is the Real Winner of St. Patrick’s Day

Sorry, Mr. Jameson, but Jack Daniels is king.

13 Places to Eat in Milan, Italy

Noshing your way across this Italian city is a delicious way to experience local culture.

Your Gay Guide to Marrakech, Morocco

Home to picturesque palaces, mosques, and gardens, this North African city is a gay hot spot despite the region's anti-LGBTQ+ laws.

Former Zoo Director Cooked Its Pygmy Goats for Dinner

Authorities say he altered documents to hide the theft.

Danish Restaurant Famed For Reindeer Brain Custard To Reinvent Itself

Noma will close and reopen as an experimental “giant lab” restaurant.

Cabo Resort Hosts Havana-style New Year's Eve

Buena Vista Social Club headline the event at Chileno Bay Resort & Residences

120 People Hallucinate After Eating A Common Veggie

Unexpectedly tripping from your salad could be sign of contamination. And it's not mushrooms!

LGBTQ+ Julius' Bar Named a NYC Landmark

One of New York City's oldest gay bars — site of a essential 1960s LGBTQ+ protest — has been declared an official historic landmark.

The 10 Best Vegan Restaurants in New York City

An insider guide from a gay travel writer who has eaten his way through the Big Apple. 

Make the Most of Napa’s ‘Cabernet Season’

For only $75, get complimentary tastings at these 16 wineries.