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Travel Tips

France's Rail Revolution

High speed rail will replace air and connect French cities with other European destinations.

Some Airfares Have Skyrocketed, But Here’s How to Find Savings

Great travel bargains are out there if you know where to look.

Your Dream European Vacation Is Sold Out — Where to Go Instead

Many European destinations are already booked. Here's how to salvage your plans.

I Just Went Snowshoeing. I Have Notes

Snowshoeing Tips: What to know before you go the first time..

Here are the World's 10 Most Welcoming Cities

These cities welcome visitors with open arms (and some great food, beaches, and parties too!).

U.S. National Parks Waive Entrance Fees for MLK Holiday

The National Park Service is waiving fees for four other holidays this year.

'We're Here' Queens on Touring America

Bob the Drag Queen, Eureka O’Hara, and Shangela give us queer-friendly travel advice.

Green Comet Is Making a Once-In-50,000-Year Appearance

And your best chance to see it is tonight.

Disneyland Adding Days To Cheapest Ticket Price

The $104 one-day, one-park admission price will be available on more days in 2023.

Huge Snake Found In Carry-on

It was almost snakes on a plane.

Woman Tracks Missing Luggage to McDonald’s & Waxing Salon

United said it had her bag, but the woman’s Airtag showed otherwise.

US Requiring COVID Testing of Travelers From China

Following a surge in infections, negative test results must be demonstrated.

Here’s What To Do If Your Flight Gets Canceled or Delayed

Be prepared for the unexpected with these expert tips.

Unions and Management Head Back to Negotiating Table as Strike Looms

The rejected deal included a 14-percent raise plus back pay, but sticking points center benefits and lack of sick days.​

Here’s What That 5-Star Hotel Rating Actually Means

It might not mean what you think it means...

Use These Simple Tips If Your Baggage is Delayed, Lost, or Damaged

Experts say it helps to plan ahead before your travel.

Experts Say Book Your Winter Travel Now To Lock In Savings

Here’s what you need to know about when (and where) to book your holiday travels.

9 Romantic Resorts Including HGTV’s ‘Renovation Island’

It’s one of nine resorts offering big savings to couples looking for romance.

Travel to Hawaii During a Pandemic

What you need to know before you go to Hawaii as of September 22.