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Freed 'Hotel Rwanda' Hero Safely Back in US

Paul Rusesabagina had been wrongly detained in Rwanda since 2020.

Runaway Barges Stuck on Ohio River, One Carries Toxic Chemical

The chemical is poisonous and an explosive fire hazard.

Disney Lay Offs Begin — 7,000 Employees Will Be Cut

The cuts are part of a multibillion-dollar cost-reducing efforts.

Shocking Video Captures This Plane’s Final Moments

The doomed plane carried the pilot and a 14-year-old passenger.

Why The Chonky JetBlue Cat is the Hero We Need

The mid-air exploits of Brian have gone viral for good reason.

Trailblazing Trans Flight Attendant Kayleigh Scott Has Died

Scott, 25, appears to have died by suicide. She was featured in a video for her employer on Transgender Visibility Day in 2020.

10 Ramadan Etiquette Tips for Non-Muslims

It's the holiest month of the Muslim calendar: here's how to be supportive.

US Tourist Drives Ferrari Into Florence's Famous Piazza

He wasn't authorized to drive on Italian roads, let alone through the popular pedestrian area.

Despite 2 Fatal Shootings Miami Beach Rejects Spring Break Curfew

This weekend's Ultra Music Festival will go on as planned.

Spring Equinox Meaning

Ancient traditions still echo into the modern world.

Customs Agents Find Six Illegal Giant Snails in Passenger’s Luggage

Giant African snails are often kept as pets but are also considered a tasty delicacy.

Thousands Protest in Milan Against Rollback of Rights of LGBTQ+ Parents

The right-wing Italian government moved to restrict same sex parental rights.

Midair Collision Cuts Plane in Half

The planes collided during an aerial demonstration at a local airport.

Upscale Japanese Hotel Only Changed Spa Water Twice a Year

The water was teaming with potentially deadly bacteria.

Forget Near Misses, Officials Now Worry about Catastrophic Incidents

Authorities convened a “safety summit” although air travel remains among the safest forms of travel.

5,000-Mile-Wide Seaweed Threatens Caribbean & Florida Beaches

The 6-million tons of seaweed heading for Florida could stink up beaches across the region.