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From the stunning architecture of the City Hall to the breathtaking natural beauty of the archipelago, gay Stockholm is truly like no other European travel destination. Stockholm is made up of 14 islands all connected by bridges, and we know the best dining, shopping, and drinking to take on this one of a kind adventure. With over 100 museums in the city and hundreds of restaurants and pubs, visitors have more than the historical Old Town of gay Stockholm to explore.

See Stockholm Through Eyes of Sweden's Pop Icon Björn of ABBA

Globe-trotting Richard Quest visits the Swedish city and chats with the ABBA member about the music, the city, and the comeback.

Sexually-Fluid Finnish Singer FELIN's "Dear Boys" Breaks Gender Binary

In this exclusive interview, the Swedish-based pop star talks about gender, Stockholm, and  her just-released music video (below) featuring nonbinary men.

50 Images of Stockholm Pride that Make Us Want to Book a Flight

Stockholm Pride is the largest in Scandinavia and this year was no exception with around 250 riders and several hundred thousand spectators.

Stockholm LGBT: The Open City

Stockholm is a city that has for decades been a favorite among LGBTQ travelers. Unequivocally the gay capital of Scandinavia, the capital of Sweden aims to be a role model for diversity and inclusion not just for LGBTQ people, but for all.

The Honest Queer Guide to Stockholm's LGBTQ Scene

Everything you need to know about the city's drag shows, gay bars, and safe spaces.

At Six Hotel Plans to Revive Downtown Stockholm

The boutique hotel recently opened in Brunkebergstorg square.

40 More Photos from Stockholm Pride

The theme for this year's Pride was "Who decides?"

40 Photos from Stockholm Pride

The theme for this year's Pride was "Who decides?"

15 Things To Love About Stockholm

The largest Nordic city, the Swedish capital is the perfect place to begin or end any Scandinavian adventure.

OUTtakes: Stockholm

Behind-the-scenes snaps of Stockholm from the recent Gay Europe, Inside & OUT tour.

Hometown Glory: Arto Winter’s Stockholm

"If you like culture, if you like design, it's a beautiful city," says Finnish entrepreneur Arto Winter of Stockholm.

A NightOUT: Stockholm

In Stockholm, some of the most popular, most mainstream spots are gay. You're never at a loss of places to explore.

Michael Kazarnowicz

King of the gay podcasts, Michael Kazarnowicz on Stockholm

Anton Hysén

The soccer star talks about Stockholm.

Planned OUT: Stockholm

There are endless to-dos in Stockholm. What's on your agenda?

Halla Stockholm

The Scandinavian City on the Water, Stockholm blends charming old world with startling contemporary design.

EuroGames Stockholm Announces World’s First LGBT Ultra Marathon

At 31 miles, it’s the first LGBT-friendly race of its kind

City Guide: Stockholm

The Scandinavian City on the Water, Stockholm surprises visitors with its many charming and clean waterways, slick design, and gay-friendly locals.