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These15 countries most supportive of marriage equality also amazingly beautiful destinations for out travelers

From Beautiful Destinations to Progressive Views: Top Countries for Marriage Equality

These affirmational countries are also some of the world’s most beautiful travel destinations as well.

Wedding Rings on Pride Flag

Which Country in the World Affirms Marriage Equality the Most?

Nigeria was lowest in among countries surveyed by the Pew Research Center, while the U.S. came in around the middle. But what country supported it the most?

Europe Delays New Entry Fees – Here’s What That Means For Travelers

Mirrored after the U.S. program, Europe’s ETIAS visa waiver program won’t be ready until 2025.

21 Killed in Fiery Explosion as Bus Plunges From Freeway Overpass

One witness described an “apocalyptic scene” as the bus landed upside-down and exploded.

Clueless Tourist Caught on Video Climbing Iconic Italian Fountain to Fill Water Bottle

A viral video shows the unnamed woman climbing the fountain as onlookers watched in horror.

Volcanic Eruption Closes Major Airport

The emergency closure has caused flight disruptions throughout Europe.

7 Secrets to Unlocking the Best of Italy's Cinque Terre

Gay travel experts Michael and Matt give their tips on dining, where to stay, what to do, and more.

This Italian Village Is Being Repopulated by Americans

Irsina is an expat heaven of mostly retirees and American migrants living the rural Italian dream.