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The capital city of Germany, gay Berlin is known for its rich history both ancient and contemporary, multitude of museums, nightlife, cafes, clubs, and architecture. Visited by travelers from across the globe, this world city is easily accessible by multiple means of transportation, including a very efficient subway U-bahn and an above ground train. Playing host to many annual festivals and parades, gay Berlin is known for its love of beer and also its more progressive and vibrant nightclub scene. Berlin also boasts two zoos and an aquarium.

Liam Campbell's magazine Elska takes on the men and boys of the world, one city at a time.

November 06 2015 3:40 PM

The comprehensive exhibition in Berlin runs through December. 

September 10 2015 1:00 PM

Plus, the location of the Gazillionaire's favorite erection....

August 02 2015 6:05 PM

A quarter-century after the wall came down, the world celebrates.

November 09 2014 5:56 PM

Cumming tells Conan that he forgives Shia, talks sex slings.

October 22 2014 4:17 PM

Introducing our new FancyBeard series, in which a hirsute, globetrotting gay man makes peace with his limited budget and an affinity for the finer things in life. This trip: thrilling, thrifty Berlin.

September 29 2014 3:16 PM

After helping turning Berlin into the world's cool capital, Klaus Wowereit will step down in December.

September 04 2014 12:27 PM