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The Best Surf Beaches in China

Surf culture is swelling in China. Here's where to catch the best waves

When a Bear Attacks Don't Shove Your Slower Friend Down NPS Says

Here's what the National Park Service advises you do instead.

I Just Went Snowshoeing. I Have Notes

Snowshoeing Tips: What to know before you go the first time..

Our 5 Favorite Coats Right Now

From high fashion to recycled fishing nets we've got the jackets for the season.

How Cool Is it to Stay in an Igloo?

This traveler was lukewarm on the experience after a night in the Alps.

Gus Kenworthy Is Up in The Air

The gay Olympian is unsure of what comes next after he hangs up his skis.

​Great Salt Lake Could Disappear in 5 Years​

Without emergency action, scientists say, it could dry up completely.

The Saudi Woman Motorsport Driver Taking on the Dakar Rally

How Saudi Arabia's Dania Akeel became a cross-country race driver.

One Dead After Kayaks Capsize

The missing kayaker's body was found in Arizona's Lake Havasu.

This Mannequin Is Boldly Going Where None Have Gone Before 

Meet Commander Moonikin Campos, the crash test dummy going farther than any astronaut.

Why NASA Is Returning to the Moon

50 years later, Artemis I follows in Apollo’s footsteps

Breathtaking Pics as Trans-Bhutan Trail Opens to Outside World

Foreigners can make the 250-mile trek for the first time in 60 years, but at a price.

Renowned US Ski Mountaineer’s Body Found in Nepal

The trailblazing Hilaree Nelson gained fame in 2012, when she climbed Everest and an adjacent mountain in just 24 hours.

Nonbinary Bike Events

From casual city rides to arduous gravel and mountain bike competitions, more events across the country are including nonbinary categories

Cruising For Sex Is Back

The ancient practice of cruising finds new relevance in the era of hook-up apps.

Perseverance Rover Finds Organic Matter ‘Treasure’ On Mars

Researchers say the discovery suggests potentially habitable environments in the red planet’s past.

These LGBTQ+ Climbers Are Reaching New Heights

No matter how high you go, the sport of scaling rock or indoor walls builds confidence.

20 Pics of Family on World Tour Before Children Lose Their Vision

These loving Canadian parents are giving their children a lifetime of immersive and visual experiences.

15 Tips For the Best Back Door Backcountry Sex

Think you can’t have great anal sex in the great outdoors? Think again! Here are our top field-tested tips.​