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Off-Duty Pilot Tries to Take Down Alaska Airlines Flight

Reports say the person tried to shut down the engines mid-flight.

Japan Airlines Unveils New A350-1000 Interiors

The design combines maximum luxury with innovative high-tech features.

JetBlue Puts Families First with No-Fee Seating Guarantee

Kids 13 and under can sit with their parents at no additional cost.

Delta CEO Says SkyMiles Rewards Changes a Mistake, Modifications Coming

“No question we probably went too far.”

Big Savings on Airline Tickets Coming for Fall

Christmas arrives early for savvy travelers as airlines lower prices to boost demand during the off-peak season.

Designer Says You Will Sit in His Double-Decker Airplane Seat and Like It, Too

The double-decker airplane seat is back. Let’s hope they’re not serving lentils or beans.

Passengers on This Airline to be Weighed Before Boarding

And it's not the first time this airline has weighed its passengers.

VIDEO: Passengers Watch in Horror as Man Opens Door Mid-Flight

The Asiana Airlines flight landed safely, but serious questions remain.

Judge Orders Breakup of JetBlue and American Airlines Alliance

The DOJ cited higher prices and fewer flights for passengers from major cities in northeastern states.

Air New Zealand Announces Price Tag for New Economy Sleep Pods

It's the new way to stretch out on those long flights – but there is a catch.

U.S. to Australia in Under Four Hours: New Hypersonic Plane Promises the Unthinkable

The Destinus will use hydrogen to fly at a jaw-dropping five times the speed of sound.

FAA Lifts Nationwide Grounding of Southwest Flights

The federal agency had grounded all of the airline's flights over equipment issues earlier in the day.

Why The Chonky JetBlue Cat is the Hero We Need

The mid-air exploits of Brian have gone viral for good reason.

Trailblazing Trans Flight Attendant Kayleigh Scott Has Died

Scott, 25, appears to have died by suicide. She was featured in a video for her employer on Transgender Visibility Day in 2020.

Forget Near Misses, Officials Now Worry about Catastrophic Incidents

Authorities convened a “safety summit” although air travel remains among the safest forms of travel.

Europe's Efforts to Ditch Planes for Trains Can't Get Off the Ground

Even airlines seem to be behind plans to replace flights with more sustainable train travel. So why can't it take off?

Plane Diverted After Reported Mid-Air Fire

Smoke from the fire quickly filled the cabin.

FAA Investigating “Close Call” at Boston Logan Airport

It’s the fifth such incident so far this year.