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Why The Chonky JetBlue Cat is the Hero We Need

The mid-air exploits of Brian have gone viral for good reason.

Trailblazing Trans Flight Attendant Kayleigh Scott Has Died

Scott, 25, appears to have died by suicide. She was featured in a video for her employer on Transgender Visibility Day in 2020.

Forget Near Misses, Officials Now Worry about Catastrophic Incidents

Authorities convened a “safety summit” although air travel remains among the safest forms of travel.

Europe's Efforts to Ditch Planes for Trains Can't Get Off the Ground

Even airlines seem to be behind plans to replace flights with more sustainable train travel. So why can't it take off?

Plane Diverted After Reported Mid-Air Fire

Smoke from the fire quickly filled the cabin.

FAA Investigating “Close Call” at Boston Logan Airport

It’s the fifth such incident so far this year.

Some Airfares Have Skyrocketed, But Here’s How to Find Savings

Great travel bargains are out there if you know where to look.

Families Will Love New Seating Policy From United Airlines

It just got a lot easier to travel as a family.

Flight From Auckland Lands 16 Hours Later In ... Auckland

That’s one way to pick up those frequent flyer miles.

Worker Strike Forces Lufthansa to Cancel Over 1,300 Flights

An earlier systems failure had grounded or delayed international flights.

IT Failure Grounds Lufthansa Flights Worldwide

The airline hopes to be up and running again later this evening.

Passenger Describes United 777’s Harrowing Plunge to Ocean

The plane was just seconds from impact.

Are Modern Twin Engine Jetliners Safe?

An aviation expert reveals whether today’s jets can safely fly (and land) on just one engine.

United 777 Plunges to Within 800 Feet of Ocean

The frightening plunge took place shortly after takeoff on a day with record rainfall.

Airline Tells Violinist to Pack His Stradivarius In Cargo Hold

The renowned musician was forced to take a bus back home after a performance.

Rebels Take New Zealand Commercial Pilot Hostage in Indonesia

A baby was among the charter flight's five passengers.

NTSB Investigating Possible Near-Collision of Two Planes in Texas

Two jets were reportedly given clearance to take off and land from the same runway.

Flames Spotted Coming From Passenger Jet's Engine Mid-Flight

The airline characterized the incident a "technical snag."