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This Asian Capital is Planning a New ‘Floating’ Swimming Pool and Art Pier

Only weeks earlier the city had announced plans for the world’s largest spokeless Ferris wheel.

You Can Live on a Cruise Ship for Just $30,000 a Year

Love cruising? Ever dreamed of life at sea? This company has you covered.

South Korea Plans World’s Biggest Spokeless Ferris Wheel

The gleaming structure will tower nearly 600 feet above the nation’s capital.

How to Win One of 500,000 Free Flights to Hong Kong

The campaign will offer up to half a million plane tickets to encourage the return of tourism.

How Asian Americans Keep Lunar New Year Traditions Alive

January 22, millions of Americans will ring in the Lunar New Year.

Why It's So Risky to Fly in Nepal

The Himalayan nation is one of the world's most dangerous places to fly.

VIDEO: At Least 68 Killed in Nepal Plane Crash

Terrifying video shot by a passenger captures the complete crash.

Hong Kong Opens to China For First Time In 3 Years

Businesses cheer but worry recovery will be slow.

Philippines 'Absolute Nightmare' Airport Issues

Tens of thousands of travelers are stranded in Manila, a Southeast Asian hub.

NYE Fireworks Around The World

Watch clips of fireworks as the world celebrates the new year.

Death Toll Rises in Hotel Casino Fire

Some victims jumped from the burning building others died in hotel rooms.

These Massive Tunnels and Bridges Link Asia to Europe

There’s more than one way to cross the Bosphorus Strait.

Dozens Rescued After Boat Adrift at Sea for Weeks

Officials fear for the safety of the other 58 people still left to be rescued from the boat.

Taiwan’s Traffic Is A ‘Living Hell’

It is also a major problem for tourism.

Think Twice Before Vacationing in Bali

The gorgeous destination is in Indonesia, a country becoming increasingly hostile to LGBTQ people. 

Indonesia Outlaws Sex Outside Marriage, Law Applies to Tourists

The repressive new moves make destinations like Bali more dangerous for travelers, especially LGBTQ+ people.

Thousands Flee Volcano Eruption in Indonesia

Mount Semeru has threatened homes and roads with volcanic ash and pyroclastic flows, and experts warn it could get worse.

Deadly Collapsed Bridge in India Had Recently Reopened After Repairs

The state of Gujarat lodged a criminal complaint against agency responsible for renovations as the death toll rises to 134.

What We Know About the Deadly Halloween Disaster in Seoul

All but one of the 154 who died in the disaster have been identified.

At Least 146 Killed, 150+ Injured at Seoul Halloween Festival Incident

Authorities are mum on the cause as victims suffered cardiac arrests and breathing difficulties.