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Off-Duty Pilot Tries to Take Down Alaska Airlines Flight

Reports say the person tried to shut down the engines mid-flight.

Video Captures Outdoor Elevator Death Plunge at Bali Resort

The horrifying incident took place when the lone cable snapped on the Instagram-favorite funicular lift.

Mexico’s Most Dangerous Volcano Awakens, Millions at Risk

The volcano has been spewing clouds of ash since last week, causing air travel disruptions and evacuation warnings.

LGBT Visitors Now Welcome in Saudi Arabia

The country still punishes same-sex sexual relations with death, however.

6 Dead, 37 Hospitalized After 70-Car Dust Storm Pileup

Victims range in age from 2 to 88 years old.

FAA Lifts Nationwide Grounding of Southwest Flights

The federal agency had grounded all of the airline's flights over equipment issues earlier in the day.

Cook Islands Votes to Decriminalize Gay Sex

Men having sex with men faced up to five years in jail under the old 1969 law.

Frightening Video Captures 747 Grinding Engine on Runway During Aborted Landing

The plane tipped dangerously to one side before the pilot averted disaster.

Sewage, Swells, and Sharks – Swimming in Pools or the Wild

Germ experts reveal whether it’s safer (and cleaner) to swim in pools or at the beach.

Boeing Reveals New Issue in “Significant Number” of 737 Max Jets

Here’s what the finding means for the troubled plane.

7 Dead After Tourists Swept Away in Avalanche

13 others injured as unseasonal rain and snow mix in northeast India.

Runaway Barges Stuck on Ohio River, One Carries Toxic Chemical

The chemical is poisonous and an explosive fire hazard.

The Most Dangerous (& Safest) Countries for LGBTQ+ Travel

See why the U.S. keeps falling as a safe destination.

Upscale Japanese Hotel Only Changed Spa Water Twice a Year

The water was teaming with potentially deadly bacteria.

3 American Women Believed Missing in Mexico

Authorities say the two sisters and a friend have not been since crossing the border two weeks ago.

​New York City Gay Bar Deaths Ruled Homicide

The chief medical examiner’s office says that two gay men were killed in “drug-facilitated theft.”

Is Mexico a Safe Travel Destination?

Here’s what you need to know if you are heading south of the border.

2 Kidnapped Americans Found Dead in Mexico 2 Survived

They had been kidnapped at gunpoint days earlier, in what may be a case of mistaken identity.

Former White House Official Dies After Jet Turbulence

Dana Hyde served under both Clinton and Obama White Houses.